Create a Permalink for Blogger Posts - Finally but Not Quite

John Morgan (Creative Commons)
Probably one of the most requested features in Google Blogger over the last five to ten years has been the addition of custom permalinks for your blog posts. This feature is very important to many bloggers who specifically want to improve their search engine optimization based on the URL of a blog post. But, I'm jumping ahead of myself.

So, just what is a permalink? A permalink is really a fixed URL that points to a specific web page on a web site. For example, if you have noticed on Amazon the URL can be very long with a mix of the product ID and other parameters like so:

Can you tell what product it is? As you can see from the example above the product ID, my affiliate ID and the other category references are all in the URL. When this is indexed by Google or Yahoo, the URL may not indicate just what the searched product entered is as well as be short enough for someone to remember it well. A permalink fixes this problem by allowing a user and search friendly permanent link to something - in this case it could contain the full product name for example:

By using a permalink like this you can see how a website can point to something with a meaningful, search engine friendly link and also have the ability to reclassify the product number, or, in the case of a news site - the article number.