How to Get Started Blogging

Blogger Reference and Education

  • Google Blogger Template Layout Data Tags -Need to understand how the Google Blogger template works? Here is the definitive list from Google of each template data tag and functionality. Very useful if building your own templates.

Tools for Blogging

  • LunaPic Free Online Photo Editor - Not the most graceful online application - but, it does the trick. If you need an image scaled, modified or touched-up this free little online editor works. Great for blog post images!
  • Menucool Free Image Rotator and Slider - This is a great tool to have sliding and rotating images within your blog without all of the extra JQuery javascript code. This is a fantastic add-in! (See my blog posts on how to integrate it into Blogger)
  • Iconifier Icon and Favicon Generator - If you need icons or favicons for your site, this simple online tool will convert your jpg or png template files to all necessary sizes.

Blogger Social Networking

  • IF This Then That - There are many ways to automatically send Blogger Posts to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. But, this online application does them all so easily that others pale in comparison. Simple, intuitive and very, very easy to use.