Add a Background to a Blogger Post

Sometimes spicing up your Blogger posts with image manipulation can be a good thing. Images are a core part of the blogging experience and having some simple tools can make a bland post look great. I wanted to quickly show how you can add a simple near-transparent background to a single Blogger post.

Free Online Image Tool

Adding a background image is really quite simple. Some have tried using many of the CSS transparency tricks to do this but that typically runs into problems with different browsers and versions. The best way is to just find an image, scale it to the right size and then lighten it up for the illusion of a transparency.

Ok, I happened to stumble into a free online tool called LunaPic that allows you to either capture an image online or upload an image while giving you basic image editing features. You could certainly use another, more sophisticated tool but I thought this gives the basic user the functions needed.

There are really only two things you'll want to do with your image editing tool - scale the image down to close to your blog post window size and lighten or brighten the image so it looks washed out - or, gives it a transparency feel.

So, I'll first apologize for the LunaPic interface - it really is pretty bad. However, I'm going to add a background to this post for the example. First, go to the free LunaPic Editor. Here's the main screen - choose the 'Browse...' button to find an image from your disk:

Edit Images for Blogger Posts