How to Post Blogger Automatically to Facebook

Facebook Logo
When I started this post I had the preconceived notion that automatically posting from Blogger to Facebook would not be an issue at all. For some reason in the back of my mind this was as simple as using email notification to the Facebook email-to-post feature, or using Google's Feedburner.

Well, I was quite wrong about this. Trying to use the email-to-post feature in Facebook only added the blog name and title to my Facebook wall with no content or links. From Feedburner, it looked like Facebook might work but they're only supporting Twitter in their socialize feature.

Now, there are a number of Facebook plug-ins such as RSS Graffiti you can use to grab your blogger RSS feed and post it to your wall. However, I found another tool so useful that I think this might be the easiest path for anyone to use.