How to Create a Favicon for Blogger

Google search icon for favicon
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Have you ever asked 'what is that little icon in the address bar?' or 'what is the little image next to the url called?' I would hazard to guess that asking someone who has worked online probably never bothered to learn what the word 'favicon' means (though, guessing that it meant 'favorite icon' wouldn't be too tough to figure out). First released in 1999 in Internet Explorer 5, the World Wide Web Consortium adopted it soon after.

Creating favicons for Blogger is pretty easy these days and can be done in literally minutes. The hard part is trying to map your logo or symbol into such small dimensions. And, to add to that, the expansion of icons of larger sizes has exploded over the last few years with mobility and the evolution of browsers.

Overall, however, it is a simple task at hand with only the need of a paint program (with a supplement - possibly) and a great online tool called Iconifier. These will allow you to create favicons and icons for almost all browsers and devices. If you're really interested in the history and aspects of the favicon you can jump over to Jonathan T. Neal's very comprehensive article called Understand the Favicon.

Here we'll just be concerned for favicons for Blogger. I'll walk you through some of the key considerations when designing your own with an emphasis on using simplicity as your guide (more creative folks who have deeper digital artistic skills can go much deeper).