Google Blogger - It's Future

It's funny, but I have been pondering just what might be going on behind the curtain over at Google with their Blogger team and the platform's future. You've probably seen a number of articles stating that Blogging is Dead or Google will shut down Blogger all together. Not to mention, the number of posts on their internal Blogger Buzz site has dropped from 40+ articles a year in 2011 down to less than 10 a year since. Update December 2018 - Google has no plans to drop Blogger

The future of Google Blogger
Source: DigitalRalph - Creative Commons
I really would not pay much attention to rumors like this considering the number of Blogger users in the world. In fact, Blogger is an excellent means for Google to get more people directly connected and to become more integrated into the Google ecosystem with profile information. This is extremely important since people with profiles utilize search giving Google a one-up on what people do online. Also, you may or may not have noticed that all of Google's official blogs are running on Blogger (this is no longer true in 2018 - only some are on Blogger now - not a positive sign).