Blogger vs Wordpress

With the large number of free blogging sites out there, two still remain at the top for informational blogging - Blogger and Wordpress. Yes, there are other free blogging sites such as Tumblr, Weebly and Wix - but, they are not really my focus (other than Tumblr which I use for more visual blogging than informational blogging).

Invariably, however, someone will always ask me what's better - Blogger or Wordpress?  By Wordpress here I mean the free online version at and not the software you download from and manage yourself on external hosting platforms such as Bluehost (that would be like comparing apples to oranges - running Wordpress on a custom host is really more like building your own website except with a content tool installed). Of course, 'better' is a relative term depending on what you want to do with the tool. Given that, though, let's take a deeper look at both.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

First, I have to call out immediately that within the last 1 to 3 years you get no advantage for SEO utilizing either tool. Google has completely changed its strategy so that internal formatting such as tagging, long-tail keywords and metadata within the HTML is not nearly as important as the authoritative content you write and highlight. You can build rank directly with content, so, I'm not going to dig deep into the template structures other than to reinforce that content rules today. (For more information  I agree with this SEO article generally but not as much with the keyword sections). This is an even tie for both tools.