Best Blogger Showcase

Blogger logoTime to highlight some of my Blogger Tips Pro reader's blogs that I've taken a look at and have found to be both great uses of Blogger that are also using some of the techniques highlighted. These bloggers haven't asked me specifically to showcase or critique their blogs. Nevertheless, every time someone posts a comment anywhere on Blogger Tips Pro, I take a look at their profile and blog link to see what kind of blog they've created. Sometimes my own inspiration comes from scanning through other's blogs.

My Blogger Showcase

Here are three that I've found to be great Blogger examples (in no specific order)

Blogger template for Oahu Scuba Diving

Oahu Scuba Diving  - this is a great use of Blogger to highlight a business. Many of the elements presented here are incorporated into an intriguing combination that easily shows the right information, focused photo usage and customization of the standard, out-of-the-box 'Picture Window' Blogger template!