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Blogger logoTime to highlight some of my Blogger Tips Pro reader's blogs that I've taken a look at and have found to be both great uses of Blogger that are also using some of the techniques highlighted. These bloggers haven't asked me specifically to showcase or critique their blogs. Nevertheless, every time someone posts a comment anywhere on Blogger Tips Pro, I take a look at their profile and blog link to see what kind of blog they've created. Sometimes my own inspiration comes from scanning through other's blogs.

My Blogger Showcase

Here are three that I've found to be great Blogger examples (in no specific order)

Blogger template for Oahu Scuba Diving

Oahu Scuba Diving  - this is a great use of Blogger to highlight a business. Many of the elements presented here are incorporated into an intriguing combination that easily shows the right information, focused photo usage and customization of the standard, out-of-the-box 'Picture Window' Blogger template! 
Where this blog really shines is with the usage of a Blogger static home page, background image, customized page titles, and more. If you have a business you'd like to promote - take a look at this site for a great example.

Blogger template for Interior Design by Sophie
Interior Decorating by Sophie is an excellent use of the standard 'Watermark' template provided by Blogger. Again, another site that has a personal business focus really demonstrates the power of Blogger to be a full-fledged website. Similar to the last site, Sophie's use of the Blogger custom background image and the static home page, plus a good splash of images really give this blog a simple business flare.

Blogger template for Fashion En Vie

Inge has done a very nice job of creating an experience with Blogger in Fashion En Vie - especially with the use of photography as an integrated part of the blog. I've really chosen her blog based on taking the 'Simple' Blogger template and doing some very basic stylization such as the social network buttons ( Pinterest Button ), great use of the Disqus comment replacement for Blogger comments (for which, by the way, I will be adding as a tutorial soon ), and general font / style changes. She shows that just some basic changes with photography can really make a blog shine!

Highlighting Your Blogger Blog?

If you think your blog might be one to be highlighted in the future just be sure to leave a useful question or comment on any of my posts. I always take a look at your profiles - but, please, no direct solicitations for showcasing. I will, however, accept private messages for questions, issues or direct critiques.

Also, please don't feel slighted if I didn't highlight your blog. I may have missed a comment here and there or just didn't get the time to really look closer. Remember, some of this is just personal taste and has no reflection on your work!
  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me here! I was really surprised and honoured! ;)


    1. Hi Inge!

      You've done a great job on your blog! Well deserved!

      - Don


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