Using Google Web Fonts within Blogger

Adding Google web fonts to Blogger
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Want to really spice up your Blogger blog? How about using a little more stylized font for your posts? If you haven't seen them before, Google Web Fonts are a great free alternative to the standard, out-of-the box web fonts you normally get with any standard HTML website including Blogger.

Choosing a Google Font

Google Web Fonts are really easy to install into your template and only take a few steps to get there. What most people don't realize is that they are available directly within Blogger. The first step is to jump into the Template Designer using the 'Customize' button:

Using the Blogger Designer for Google web fonts
Selecting the Blogger Designer
Next, just choose the 'Advanced' and 'Page' sections of the Designer. If you go over to the 'Font' section and scroll down a bit you'll see the Google Web Fonts available in Blogger. Normally, these would have to be added manually into any web template but Google has incorporated them into Blogger already:
Advanced selection in the Blogger design to Google web fonts
Finding Google Web fonts in the Designer
Simply scroll down and find the font you'd like for your blog - it is that easy. Just be sure to preview it and then select the 'Apply to Blog' button:

Apply web fonts to Blogger template
That's it! You now have some more stylized fonts for your blog posts.  Enjoy!
  1. Hi Don!

    May be you find this interesting also. You can use EVERY font (not only the ones available from the template designer) by following this tutorial:

    Comments are welcome! :)

    1. Hi Jordi,

      Yes, I did know that - in fact, when I started writing this post I was going down the path you show in your tutorial. But, I had forgotten that the template designer made it easy for a good set of fonts. But, if others want additional fonts, then your tutorial will work.


      - Don

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